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The Future Development Trend Of Flame Retardant Industry Forecast

Halogen-free flame retardants since the early 60 's was widely popular is because fire retardant efficiency and compatibility with the materials, including brominated flame retardants is the main product. Due to halogen Department flame retardant agent application history more long, short time within hard found in performance, and price and the environmental security aspects will its completely alternative of products, so halogen Department flame retardant agent not in short time within exit market, but after 50 years of application, people in global many place of soil, and water, and atmosphere, and food chain even human of breast in the found bromide Department flame retardant agent of traces, although its concentration not reached fatal level, but has caused environmental organization and States Government and people of height attention and alert. At present, there are several types of halogen-free flame retardants or composition of the RoHS directive by EU

Stockholm Convention and the United Nations Environment Programme issued regulations restricting or disabling other halogenated flame retardants are widely questioned, in this context, the top plastic product manufacturers in the world have been planned or designed the deadline to no longer use prohibited halogen-free flame retardants, and began to actively develop new types of environmentally-friendly flame retardant.