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Suzhou Haixiang Introduces Flame Retardant Masterbatch PEBM01 For PE Bellow And Film Applications

Suzhou Haixiang Introduces Flame Retardant Masterbatch PEBM01 for PE Bellow and Film Applications.


Suzhou, China — Global custom flame retardant Suzhou Haixiang Company has introduced a new series of flame retardant products for use in applications PE bellow and film etc.


PEBM01 consists of environment friendly flame retardant system of bromine and antimony, passed the evaluation of SGS, CTI etc. certification authority and comply with ROHS requirement. Advantage: good compatibility with PE, good dispersity, high UV-Resistance, non-blooming. And there is no spherulites, bump and hole in production.

Dosage of PEBM01

1.HXFR-PEBM01 has very good dispersity, only need 12-17% dosage can make the product meet UL94 V0 requirement and reduce the production cost largely.

2.HXFR-PEBM01 is more suitable for blow molding of PE, bellow, cast film, wire drawing, plastic flower, wire, pipe, etc. There is no spherulites, bump and hole in production and improve the quality, appearance and percent of pass.

3.HXFR-PEBM01 don not blocking in the production, reduce the waste of materials and keep the quality consistency.

4.HXFR-PEBM01 provide good thermoplastic for flame retardant film with high yield.

Welcome that product designers can consult with Suzhou Haixiang Company’s material engineers for specifying a particular solution.