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Flame-retarding Material Industry Toward The Green Direction

Flame-retarding material industry is an important area of petroleum and chemical industries, high-end flame-retarding material industry belongs to the State encourages the development of new materials industry. Flame-retarding material industry in China is developing rapidly, China has become the world's production and consumption of flame-retarding material industry throughout 2013 flame retardants production reached 750,000 tons, antimony oxide, phosphorus-containing flame retardants, brominated flame retardants, magnesium oxide, alumina and production of flame retardant polymer materials are the highest in the world, blonde emerging technology, Jiangsu Jacques, a number of world class flame-retarding material industry. Especially the development of high-end flame-retarding material industry, promotes the industry to speed up restructuring and foster new economic growth points.

In recent years, as the promotion of environmental awareness, eco-friendly halogen-free flame retardants have become the development trend of flame retardant technology. Green flame retardant materials are increasingly becoming an important part of international trade non-tariff barriers, technical barriers, was awarded the EU directives such as ROHS and WEEE, requires that all electrical and electronic equipment put on the EU market must meet the requirements of EU environmental standards. In order to protect people's lives and property safety, awarded in 2011 for wall insulation materials in the 65th, made more stringent requirements. China is one country, polymer plays a very important role in the industry as a whole, so the development of green flame retardant technology of polymer materials is a critical issue.