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Flame Retardant for PP

Basic Info

Kind:Flame RetardantAppearance:Granulars

PP flame retardant masterbatch
Main Content: 90%
Whiteness: 95min
Volatile Matter: 0.3%max

It is round white granules. It is soluble in dichloromethane, toluene and insoluble in water and methanot.
Resin Dosage FR Grade

PP (Hompolymer) 5-6% VO

PP (Copolymerization) 8-10% VO

PE (LDPE) 10-12% VO

Product is a new, efficient, environmental additive type flame retardant, It has low toxin and widely been used in PP, PE resin. It is particularly applicable to PP plastic, It is the most excellent flame retardant for PP currently plastic
PP Flame Retardant Masterbatch

Appearance White granules

Main Content 90%min

Decomposition Temperature 240° Cmin

Volatile matter 0.3% max

Whiteness 95%min

Packing 25kg/bag