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Fire Strong Internationalization Is Inevitable Trend Of Development

"The do cable companies in the world, create national brand of generic cabling industry internationalization in China" has become the industry our business goals and mission. In such of faith guidelines Xia, China of line cable products has widely to in-depth to all industry of multiple field, fire flame retardant line cable also with everyone on security of attention and international of trend of requirements demand constantly increases, domestic enterprise and advanced developed enterprise Zhijian of international cooperation has full to expand, currently domestic several strength most strong of line cable enterprise also conform to market development of international trend, will fire flame retardant, special line cable for widely of promotion, and input large funds for independent development, Had started a few years ago through the full development and start a global development strategy, through in terms of technology, capital and management, extensive cooperation and exchanges, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and management, enterprise strength obtained rapid promotion and development. And actively go out of the country seeking international markets, increasing exports, is now on a lot of fire-retardant cable products are exported to all over the world.