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Effect Of Sulfur-containing Substances In The Flame Retardant Masterbatch

Antioxidants and some commonly used fire retardant masterbatch sulphide, especially between sulfides and antagonism. The reason for this is more than a sulphide oxidation. Flame retardant in plastics formulations, also has examples of antagonism, are: halogen-free flame retardant and flame retardant silicone and will reduce the effect; flame retardant and flame retardant of red phosphorus and organic silicon, there is antagonism. HALS was not acidic additives, acidic additives will react with alkaline salts in the HALS, leading to failure of HALS; acidic additives exist, generally only used UV absorber. Other examples of fighting flame retardant masterbatch: salts of lead additives cannot be used with the additives of sulfur-containing compounds, or cause lead pollution. In PVC formula, therefore, sulfur alcohols and organic tin lead stearate lubricants do not join; mercaptide stabilizer not available for insulating layer of copper cable or copper pollution caused; as in the filling recipe contains a lot of oil-absorbent filler, oil additives such as DOP, quantity of lubricant added to increase to compensate for absorbed part.