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Development Of Flame-retardant Particle Green Promise

With the current environmental pollution is getting worse, particularly for white plastic secondary recycling and inorganic pollution needs to be improved

From the development of technology and market situation, fire-retardant particle green development has become the trend.

Green has become an inevitable trend of flame-retardant particle materials. In today's increasingly scarce national resources, new green environmental protection and saving energy has become a fire-retardant particle materials development purposes. Design and application of fire-retardant particle materials scientific, production, refinement and application of green, consumption reduction and the integration of resource conservation, promote research and development to a new level. Innovation direction of fire-retardant particle materials used in cement industry for chrome free and energy efficient. For the understanding of the concept of green flame retardant particle materials and conduct should be guided by systematic idea, balanced.

Development of flame-retardant particle material industry in China from the Advanced "green" there is a certain distance. "Green" fire-retardant particle materials have attracted the attention of flame-retardant particle material and related industries.

It is reported that the production and application of flame retardant in after booming in the early 80, has entered a steady phase. Flame retardants consumption over 1.5 million tons worldwide, 85% to add flame retardant, 15% reactive flame retardant agent.