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Application Of DBDPE Master Batch


DBDPE is an additive type flame retardant with many advantages: high bromine content, good thermal stability, high UV-resistance and lower permeability. It’s developed especially for computer, fax machine, telephone, printer, household appliances etc. Products with high level flame retardant.

DBDPE masterbatch (HX-Br) which we developed, has good dispersity and good compatibility, can choose different carriers depending on different plastic. HX-Br can replace powdery DBDPE equivalently with same flame retardant effect and comply with EU ROHS requirement. can be used to injection and extrusion processing directly, simple and easy to use.

Application & Recommendation

The HX-Br can be used in any resin, rubber, plastic and elastomer flame retardant requirement, HX-Br can replace powdery DBDPE equivalently with same flame retardant effect.


1.Due to difference between products, thickness,process etc. Dosage should be confirmed by trial-production before mass production, meanwhile please keep good ventilation in production area.

2.All the application typical data above are just for reference, not an official warranty certificate.

3.Haixiang provides customized solution of flame retardant masterbatch to meet different requirements.