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WT-PP analysis of the efficient use of the flame retardant masterbatch

A product description

WT-PP is a very convenient to use, add a very low effective flame retardant masterbatch. It applied to the PP is not picky, homopolymer PP, copolymer PP can be used, and can be used in injection molding, extrusion, drawing, film blowing. Add (3-5)% flame retardant requirements can be achieved.

Second, the special characteristics of WT-PP masterbatch:

1, high white, tasteless, injection molding, not precipitation;

2, master batch properties: solve the problem of powder dispersion is uneven and unstable;

3, that allows for filling powders, talc, calcium carbonate, etc;

4, no dust pollution, convenient processing;

5, chemical components: components 90% + PP carrier 10%

Third, the application range:

WT-PP to do in sheet, plate, tube, film material, such as fire-retardant; 750 ° c glow-wire test.