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Widespread use of fire-retardant materials in the appliance industry

Now, plastic widely used in household appliances, many home appliances spare parts has been using plastic instead of steel material. It is reported that tension in the household appliances using thermoplastics, including flame retardant PP flame retardant, flame retardant ABS, PE, such as flame retardant, flame retardant PA, PBT. Flame retardant PP can for washing machine both inside and outside barrels, and fan fan leaves shell, and refrigerator drawer, and rice cooker shell, and electromagnetic furnace base, and milk machine head cover, and electric kettle shell,; flame retardant ABS can for air conditioning shell body, and washing machine Panel, and refrigerator within bile, and microwave façade, and small appliances shell,; flame retardant PE can for switch button, and transparent cover shell, and received water box, and heat flame retardant shell,; flame retardant PP can for switch, and sliding class parts, and electrical parts,; flame retardant ABS can for coil skeleton, and switch bracket,.

Community refrigerator, over 70% of plastic body parts, and most of the device looks out of position, and plays a decorative role. A wide application of plastic in the fridge, refrigerator commonly used plastic materials including ABS, PE, PP, nylon PA, PBT etc.

In the process of growth of household appliances and General plastic tension is also plays a vital role. Plastic has a light weight, high strength, good electrical properties, excellent chemical stability, good antifriction properties, light and protective properties, the vibration silencers performance advantages, these advantages make plastics applications in appliances are very nervous. In addition to GE Plastics, engineering plastics is one of the home appliance parts and materials, just little, but it will play a role in some tense parts.