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Textile Coating High Performance Flame Retardant

Product Description

HR-8, which consists of Bromine and Antimony, is comply with ROHS requirement. Mainly used in various kinds of synthetic fiber and cellulose fiber and its blended fabric flame retardant coating. Flame retardant molecular structure is small, so it has good dispersion in waterborne polyurethane (PU) resin adhesive ; It does not affect the work of PU resin viscosity, flame retardant effect, is a universal efficient additive flame retardants.



Milky white liquid

Solid content


Decomposition Temp ℃



Mainly used in all kinds of synthetic fiber and cellulose fiber and its blended products.

Performance Feature

1. Perfect performance, can achieve UL94 - V0, destroyed when away from the fire;
2. Good weather fastness;
3. Heat-proof aging, good resistance transference, very suitable for outdoor products, such as tents, roast, etc.;
4. Easily insulation, almost don't change the liquid of resin, good compatibility with PU adhesive, small coloration, can match into all sorts of color;
5. Environmental friendly.

Method of Application

Take 100kg HR-8 and 100kg of water-based PU rubber mix and stir well.

Technological Process

According to the situation of the silk and the scraper dosage adjustment, test specimen, finally determine the process : (Dosing) → (coated imitation)→drying (130℃-170℃) → (shape), fabric thickness can be two knife blade coating. 


The products are packed in plastic cask, 60KG/barrel, Sealed storage, storage life is six month, storage temperature is not lower than 0℃, Transported as a common chemical.