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Plastic Additive Red Phosphorus Masterbatch

Basic Info.

Model NO.:etc.Type:Potassium Phosphate
Grade Standard:Industrial GradePackage:25kg/Bags or According to Customer Demand
Origin:ChinaItem:Red Phosphorus Flame Retardant Master
Certifications:ISO9001:2008, BVFunction:Universal Masterbatch - Red Phosphor
Feature:Pearl Scent, Marble, Fluorescent, ConduTive, Flame Retardant Type:Titanium
Style:StyleColor:Customized by Customers
HS Code:1803200000Production Capacity:10000tons/Years

Product Description

A) achieves V-0 flame-retardancy level with a low addition proportion.
B) no change to the original color of products.
It can be used in non woven, chemical fiber carpets, plastic tarpaulins, plastic films, and plastic molding products.
All kinds of master batch can be customized according to customer's requirement.
1, Color: Pink/Green/Blue/Yellow/Red/White/Black

2, Properties:
1) Product Color: Color, black/white masterbatches, imitative wood vein series, etc.

2) Modified masterbatches (PP + filler, PP + fiber, PA + fiber): Increase the performance of impact
And scratch resistance, no deformation.

3) UVC masterbatches: Suitable for outdoor products without changing color under sunshine for many years.

4) Inflame retarding masterbatches: Suitable for the decorative furnishings, gym chairs, etc.

5) Product shape: Cylindrical granule with even size and no dust.

3, Functions (based on different additives):
1) Imitative pearly-luster color effect

2) Changing color effect at angles

3) Metal colored effect

4) Noctilucent effect

5) Fluorescent effect

6) Toughening effect

7) Anti-static effect

8) Corrosion resistance

9) Inflaming retarding

4, Usage:
1) PE, PP, common black/white masterbatches: Suitable for package, injection molding, extruded
Pipe, and ABS/HIPS sheet materials.

2) PP, PE, color masterbatches: Suitable for package, injection molding, extruded pipe,
Bottle blowing, sheet materials, stationery, household products, etc.

3) HIPS, GPPS: Suitable for plastic uptake, compression molding, decorative sheet/tile, computer
Casing, beverage cover, chocolate box, etc.

4) PC/ABS alloy: Suitable for electrical appliance, telephone casing, printer casing, various small-sized switch, etc.

5) PET: Suitable for bottle blowing, sheet material package, etc.

6) PA: Suitable for electrical appliance switch, small gear, etc.

7) PC: Suitable for barrel blowing, electrical appliance, etc.

Advantages of red phosphorus flame retardant masterbatch:
1, Good color stability and compatibility

2, High density and chroma

3, Quick color change

4, Smooth surface and even granules

5, Non-toxic and environmental protection

6, Good dispersion

7, Stabilize the performance of the dyed materials

8, Less substandard products during production

Applications of red phosphorus flame retardant masterbatch:
1, Plastic product: Co-extruded profile, cup, etc.

2, Fiber: Carpet, textiles, upholstery, etc.

3, Film: Shopping bags, casting film, multilayer film, etc.

4, Blow molding: Medical and cosmetics containers, lubricant and paint commodities, etc.

5, Extrusion molding: Roof tile, roofing sheet, plastic pipe, wire and cable, etc.

6, Injection molding: Automobile, electronic, construction, furniture commodities, etc