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Knowledge of the flame retardant masterbatch of PP

PP flame retardant mother grain, plainly is is PP flame retardant agent and carrier through made grain machine and into of particles, PP flame retardant mother grain is divided into, inorganic flame retardant mother grain, and no halogen flame retardant mother grain and p bromide composite flame retardant flame retardant mother grain, p bromide composite flame retardant flame retardant mother grain had to said is most efficient of products, added volume low copolymer type of PP material as long as not to 4%, no precipitation, can distribution any color, not effect material of mechanical performance. PP flame retardant masterbatch, process maturity, excellent affinity. Compatible with polypropylene blends can be uniform and stable dispersion. Reduces the deterioration of the physical property of the material, and make full use of fire-retardant elements, fire-retardant efficiency to achieve good migration resistance, the use of long-term placement will not appear after the risk of frost. Excellent weatherability, long-term placement in the air does not become yellow, not failure. PP flame retardant masterbatch optimized many times, because masterbatch for high purity, good compatibility with resin, excellent dispersion, easy mixed dust laid high molecular activation, so the mechanical properties of the substrate remains excellent. Flame retardant masterbatch of PP high thermal stability, the products can be processed repeatedly, flame retardant, strength, color did not change significantly. PP brominated flame retardant masterbatch is environmental protection, toxic smoke, thermal decomposition or combustion does not produce toxic DBDO and DBDF, impact on the environment.