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Flame retardant masterbatch of modified plants using several advantages

And reduce costs

With the advancement of technology, plastic carrier and the development of equipment, high density, highly dispersive, high compatibility possible, a small number of carriers are no longer become the main cause of flame retardant, thus fulfilling the powdered flame retardant and flame retardant masterbatch equal exchange, retarding effect of the same ideals and improves efficiency. Plus organic flame retardant masterbatch of component resources together, collective purchasing and have brought down costs, cost advantage and thus are guaranteed flame retardant masterbatch, allowing customers to use effectively reduces costs.

Second, improve efficiency

Flame retardant masterbatch of material weighing more convenient to use, shortens the time, improve work efficiency, while improving the efficiency of mixing, and make the material more evenly between, avoid the use of powder to sink to the bottom of the layered unevenness. Conditional also available automatic suction machine can realize unmanned operation.

Third, increase productivity

Due to the flame retardant masterbatch of cutting speed is more smooth than powder, combined with material in the screw easier plastification and mixing, friction small, screw speed can be increased, and capacity increased by more than 30%.

Four, good dispersion

Because of itself after a cold completely flame retardant masterbatch and plastic processing, plastics used again after the dispersion of the material better, materials performance, gloss and surface have been improved.

Five, a clean and tidy environment

Flame retardant masterbatch directly with plastic granules and mix, free flying dust, screw the feed opening and clean, no bond with the screw, no cross-contamination, make reloading more secure, while ensuring the stability of product quality.