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Flame retardant in plastics reflect the importance the strengths and

1. a wide range of flame retardant and performance varies, according to the points of differences can be divided into to add flame retardant and flame retardant in unison. Add flame retardant used for odds of thermoplastic plastics, is the largest amount of flame retardant, flame retardant production accounted for the world's 90%. Flame retardant thermoset plastic is used for playing in unison.

2. high efficiency;

3. characteristics of flame retardants have no poison, no smell, flame retardant does not release toxic gases and a lot of dust in the process.

4. flame retardant with good compatibility with the material, symmetry of the evacuation in plastic, with plastic to match other components not chemical fell pregnant, does not affect the color and appearance of the plastic finish, but not a low mechanical properties, electrical properties, such as the use of plastic.