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Development of flame retardant

Demand for flame retardants used in flame retardant plastic, delay or prevent the burning of plastic, especially plastic polymer type. Its time to grow, lit self-extinguishing, it is difficult to ignite.

Flame retardant application: flame retardant flame retardant is mainly used for synthetic and natural polymers include plastics, rubber, wood, paper, fiber, paint, 65%~70% of global flame retardant used in flame retardant plastic, 20% rubber 5% textile, 3% coating, 2% for paper and wood. Electronics/electrical, transport, building materials, furniture, textile flame retardant agent: several users, along with the strict fire safety standards and plastic production of fast-growing, global fuel consumption and sales has shown a growing trend.

Development of flame retardant, mainly to environmental protection, surface modification technologies, micro-technology, micro-encapsulation technology, complex collaborative technology, consumer technology, Crosslinking technology, molecular technology direction.

Flame retardant industry in China with the rapid development of China's overall economy, integration with the world economy after the WTO entry, especially flame retardant regulation continues to improve, has ushered in a great development opportunities, while also facing severe challenges. We should improve the ability to develop innovative, advance the flame retardant industry towards environmental protection, low toxic and efficient function of the direction.