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Application of flame retardant flame retardant masterbatch of ABS

ABS resin is by propylene nitrile, and succinic en and styrene composition of ternary copolymer real, three species polymer collaborative role, to is has appearance hardness high, and substantial, and resistance low temperature combat sex good, and resistance creep degeneration good, and size solid sex good, and forming austerity rate small, good performance, but its oxygen index only 18.3 3~20 (< 21), belongs to flammable material, this has became ABS resin further application and growth of a big stagnation. Tension in the consumption of ABS layout are household appliances, mechanical parts, Office supplies and appliances. Such as TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, electric fans, air conditioners, strategy machines, photocopiers, telephones, vacuum cleaners, another automobile, motorcycle, and pipelines. Such uses ABS in tight inner and outer shell, support, and a variety of spare parts, while ABS communications, commodity, culture, entertainment products and building materials the demand Outlook is very promising. Along with scientific and technological progress and improving the quality of life, people quiet consciousness more and more strong, both at home and abroad to the automotive, construction, household appliances, Office supplies, such as the use of plastic material put forward stringent fire requirements, set the corresponding skills and examples. To this end, new skills and open flame retardant ABS research has become very tense.