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Advantages of flame retardant applied decorative materials

Combustion and flame retardant substances is a complex process involving many influences and constraints. We can idealize flame retardant mechanism of fire retardant is divided into the following three categories: 1. flame retardant material heated or burned to produce free radical inhibitors, which interrupt combustion chain reaction. 2. flame retardant material heated or burned to produce fine particles, promoting mutual knot free radicals causing combustion to terminate. 3. flame retardant material heated or burned to produce large amounts of inert gases or high-density steam, to dilute the isolation of combustible gases or cooling effect and result in termination of burning.

Fire-retardant materials production prospects are good, but cost remains a major concern, especially when raw material and energy prices were still soaring. Basofil fiber company, one of its main strategies to reduce costs is to reduce the high fiber content, producing more goods, which cost a great deal of change over the years.

Another way to reduce the production cost of flame retardant materials is to avoid secondary processing, such as coating on the back, usually because of a lack of effective melting process can be flame retardant, back coating is needed in order to obtain the required fire resistance. Disposable products, other properties of flame retardant will not be affected, so way more widely.